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Turnigy Update

Went flying this Saturday and I have to admit the Protos just wasn’t flying as well as it used to be. It seemed down on power and as I had begun to suspect the batteries are beginning to get tired.

In fact so bad was the the situation with one of them (2450Mah)  that one of the cells was showing 2.76v and wouldn’t charge and I have had to dispose of it.  The other one I had the (2650mAh) charged but one of the cells was left at 4.14v.

This made me think, have they been good value should I buy again?  I have checked Hobbyking for when I brought them and it goes like this:

10th Jan 2010 Turnigy 6S 30C 2450mAh $50.72/£32.46 GBP (inc del)
24th Jan 2010 Turnigy 6S 30C 2650mAh $61.79/£39.55 GBP (inc del)

I fly mostly Saturday and Sundays so based on that assumption since the beginning of Feb there has been 33 weekends (Its now 19th September).  Each Saturday I normally charge and discharge it twice.  Therefore I have had 132 flights per battery.  This works out at:

Turnigy 6S 30C 2450mAh $0.38/£0.24 GBP per flight.
Turnigy 6S 30C 2650mAh $0.46/£0.29 GBP per flight.

I think this is pretty good, especially when you consider I have actually had more flights than this as I have been on holiday an used them 3/4 times a day for 3 or more days.

It is also worth noting that except for the one that the cell died the other battery is fine for learning etc.. I am trying to learn 3D so I give my batteries a pretty tough time. I always discharge to 80% of capacity and then charge at 1C.

If your not as hard as me on the batteries and fly in a sport style then they will probably last a lot longer. Overall though a great value battery that is good value for money and performance.


Out in the field

As I’m off this week I have had a quick fly this afternoon. Put all my batteries through for the Protos and T-Rex 550 and had some great practice with the field all to myself. Flying TodayOn the T-Rex 550 I have had to turn the expo on the rudder channel up to 15% to make it the same as the aileron and elevator channels. I did this as I felt the rudder was being far to sensitive and moving around whilst I was learning my 3D.

One thing I did notice though was that my charger can only output 150W which @ 25v equates to a charge rate of 6A or 1.2c for the 5000mAh batteries I have. Ideally this should be more so when I have more money I will have to look at getting one with more oomph.

Still here but RainToday

Just thought I would post a quick hello as I haven’t been on here for a while. Tried to go flying on Wednesday night but the weather wasn’t the best.  A bit too blustery which was blowing the Protos all over the sky.  However I did find a good site which shows you in any rain is coming in. Pretty neat and recommended by me.

Hopefully it will be better on Saturday.

Turnigy nano-tech

Turnigy 2650mah

Turnigy 2650mah

Just ordered a new 6s 2650mAh battery for the Protos from HobbyKing (see here) for $51.99 (£35) delivered. The nano-tech series has just been released and claims 25c to 50c it will be interesting to see if what it behaves like.

I currently have 2 Turnigy batteries for the Protos (2450mAh and 2650mAh) and think they are great and good value for money.  They don’t get excessively hot whilst doing 3D and so far have balanced fine.

Will let you know when I get them in 10-14 days time…

Protos Tracking…

Ever since the last crash with the Protos there has been an inability to track the blades.  They just seem to keep going off track.  I have no idea what it is but someone at the club suggested that the thrust washers in the head may be off.  Who knows!? Getting really annoyed at the moment because all I want to do is fly not mess around trying to get it off the ground..

Tamed and Under Control

Well, it’s been fun.  That’s all I will say.  After the last post where the circlip decided to leave mid-flight I spent the following week hunting down a suitable circlip.  I tried a 4mm one but it seemed loose.  However after squeezing it gently with some pliers the clip fitted better. So finally today I got chance to fly the whole fleet properly, the bank holiday weekend before was a complete loss due to weather and work commits but today has been hot, humid and nice.  I flew the Protos on 14t and it was better but still slightly manic, so a friend at the club recommend I turn the throttle curve down.  I therefore set it at 90% straight and gave it a fly.  Fabulous, still got some power but not super twitchy, perfect.  I think I may have found the sweet spot on this.

A quick update on the rest of the fleet though. The T-Rex-250 is flying fine gave it some proper hammer but then the wind came and it was grounded. The Mini-Titan now has a set of carbon blades on it