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Squadron Settings Added

I have now added (see right) to the blog the settings for each of the heli’s in my Squardon. Hopefully this will help people in getting a start in setting up their own heli’s.


T-Rex 550E or 600E?

Good info here,, if you can’t decide which one to get (ho hum..)  Also a good photo on page 1 of the full Align range.

Turnigy nano-tech

Turnigy 2650mah

Turnigy 2650mah

Just ordered a new 6s 2650mAh battery for the Protos from HobbyKing (see here) for $51.99 (£35) delivered. The nano-tech series has just been released and claims 25c to 50c it will be interesting to see if what it behaves like.

I currently have 2 Turnigy batteries for the Protos (2450mAh and 2650mAh) and think they are great and good value for money.  They don’t get excessively hot whilst doing 3D and so far have balanced fine.

Will let you know when I get them in 10-14 days time…

T-rex 250 SE Manual

Found this on the web and thought it might be useful to post here.  Align T-Rex 250SE manual

Aileron Tic-Tocs

Been practising these on the simulator loads this week.  Going to have to give it a go this weekend.  Any tips would be helpful!

Useful pinions for T-Rex 250

Just found this and though it might useful for people with T-Rex 250’s, it’s a pack of 14t, 15t and 16t pinions with grub screw holes.  It’s for Scorpion motors but fits the stock one.

First 90 size fly!!

Went flying today, even though it was quite breezy.  This meant I was flying the Protos all afternoon, and I have to say I am beginning to really enjoy flying it.  The recent pinion change as made it a lot more stable, and not so “manic” this means I still have the poise and precision with it but without it going mad all over the sky.  Also means lots of fun!

Whilst I was there a good friend offered his T-Rex 700 for me to have a go with.  Naturally I was very nervous as its £1,500 all up, but thought a few circuits should be okay.  Duly taking off I couldn’t believe how stable it was, I only intended to do circuits but just had to try it inverted.  So I did.  Again so stable – even in the wind.   I really wanted to have a go at it now, but landed it and asked if it was okay to tic-toc, it was.  So I took off again and gave it some (minor) welly.  awesome, tic-tocs beautifully, no need to use full stick and it just sits there.  Did some more inverted and horizontal powers, and it just took it up.  Very impressed..