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Just a quick update today.  The weather this bank holiday weekend has been stormy and not ideal for flying.  Despite this I had a quick attempt today but Lady Luck was not with me.  After the Mini-Titan crash last week I gave her a maiden flight and what happens a minute into the flight? Yep the rudder linkage comes off the tail servo – queue fast pirouettes and mating of helicopter and ground.  Joy.   Back to the workshop..

Align 510M metal gears

Align 510 metal gears.

Talking of the workshop I have now started fixing the Protos after it’s latest attempt to mimic farming and plough a giant furrow in the ground with it’s nose. All three Align 510 servos on the Protos had broken their internal gears, but looking at the web shops most of them are out of stock of the plastic gears (£4.50). Fortunately Align now do metal gear sets for £14.50.  More expensive but at least they won’t break so easily and mean I have to take the Protos apart change them.  I have therefore ordered a set to see what they are like.


Simulator training required. (more of)

Went for a quick fly earlier today with Mini-Titan but ended up crashing it for silly reasons.

Mini-Titan stripped down for repairs

Mini-Titan stripped down for repairs

I wanted to practise doing inverted circuits therefore you have a go and then you relax for a bit before having another go.  Whilst “relaxing” I did a figure of eight but put in the control as if I was inverted.  Hence a one way ticket to the ground.

In order to get to grips with this I have spend an hour or two today on the simulator trying to get this.  It’s so hard.  My brain just can’t compute the reverses required.  I can the the left turn but the right turn is all over the place.  (This implies my altitude is constant but it isn’t but I can control that easier) grrr..

Protos down (and out for the moment)..

Not much to say really – after the mornings messing around with the Mini-Titan (will post later) needed a fly so went to the club.  To cut a long story short, I flew it too far away and got in a mess and sent it in hard.  If it wasn’t for the blades the cost to fix wouldn’t be much (reckon £15) but as it’s new blades then that gets to £50.  Too much for me at the moment.  Therefore I need to fly the mini-titan and get on learning some new stuff.  Well pi**ed off.

Brown times indeed :-(

Nightmare.  Total and utter.  Followers of the previous post will note that the Mini-Titan crashed recently whilst I was trying to learn inverted circuits.  I thought it would be a simple repair job and then I could get back into the skies for more fun and learning.  Far from it…

After putting it back together I went for a trim flight, 20 seconds after being airborne it lurched to the left and would not respond to stick input.  It therefore crashed into a wall fairly hard shattering the carbon blades and left me sweating.  Even though I had hit throttle hold it didn’t respond and thus did the “chicken dance” on the floor.   Worried me as it could of hit anyone.

Despite this I put it back together and tried again.  Didn’t do much just trimmed the heli and then left it for the night.  This evening I thought I should get to the bottom of it so I went up to the field and spooled her up.  After taking off I noticed lots of vibration on the tail so I was just monitoring it when it flipped inverted and hit the deck hard.  However when I got to the heli I noticed the receiver was flashing indicating a brown out.

Hmm.. this got me thinking so I put re-plugged the battery in an started wiggling the wires. Nothing happened and then suddenly it resets itself!  So I try again at the same point and nothing! I keep trying for a bit and then I touch around the front again and it resets itself.  For those that know the Mini-Titan then speed controller is at front and this all indicates a loose wire in the ESC (speed controller).

I have just spent the an hour or so in the cellar trying to create it again, by waggling everything but I can’t make it do it again.

Conclusion: We have to assume something in the electrics is causing a brown out and re-setting the on board electrics. It has to be said that this has been the heli I have had from the start and has so many crashes it’s hard to remember.  Maybe the ESC, Receiver, servos need replacing?  I had to replace the gyro and tail servo 3 months ago because they had started playing up. Either way the Mini-Titan is grounded until I can find the exact component.   My gut feeling in that I should get a new ESC (£40) and a new Rx (£65 for the 11ms frame rate) to be safe.  I mean after all the crashes I guess things wear out?  Problem is I want to practice my inverted stuff and the 450 size heli’s are the best for this.

Inverted Circuits Part 2

Made a decision that I have to crack inverted circuits and the weapon for this has to be the Mini-Titan. It’s stable in the air, cheap to fix and handles well under pressure.

Fortunately it was good flying weather this evening and there is no time like the present.  The good news is that I managed a shaky half circuit, the bad news is on the second battery I sent it in.  I think this was down to the light failing and I lost orientation.  It takes a lot of concentration when you are first learning but it was very satisfying.

The good news of all this? Well I have most the spare parts in the cellar, I just need a new under carriage.  Oh and of course I have to set it up all again..


Inverted circuits part 1..

After successful going “upside down” before Christmas 2009 I have been attempting to do circuits or figures-of-eight since then.   I reckon this is a needed skill to push my flying on but also have feeling that it will cost me money..  Still this is this Saturdays attempt.

T-Rex 250 crashed


Protos in pieces

I was flying the Protos near the house and I lost orientation.  Some times you can send them into the ground at quite spectacular speeds and hardly anything breaks.  This wasn’t one of these times

. Protos in three..