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Turnigy Update

Went flying this Saturday and I have to admit the Protos just wasn’t flying as well as it used to be. It seemed down on power and as I had begun to suspect the batteries are beginning to get tired.

In fact so bad was the the situation with one of them (2450Mah)  that one of the cells was showing 2.76v and wouldn’t charge and I have had to dispose of it.  The other one I had the (2650mAh) charged but one of the cells was left at 4.14v.

This made me think, have they been good value should I buy again?  I have checked Hobbyking for when I brought them and it goes like this:

10th Jan 2010 Turnigy 6S 30C 2450mAh $50.72/£32.46 GBP (inc del)
24th Jan 2010 Turnigy 6S 30C 2650mAh $61.79/£39.55 GBP (inc del)

I fly mostly Saturday and Sundays so based on that assumption since the beginning of Feb there has been 33 weekends (Its now 19th September).  Each Saturday I normally charge and discharge it twice.  Therefore I have had 132 flights per battery.  This works out at:

Turnigy 6S 30C 2450mAh $0.38/£0.24 GBP per flight.
Turnigy 6S 30C 2650mAh $0.46/£0.29 GBP per flight.

I think this is pretty good, especially when you consider I have actually had more flights than this as I have been on holiday an used them 3/4 times a day for 3 or more days.

It is also worth noting that except for the one that the cell died the other battery is fine for learning etc.. I am trying to learn 3D so I give my batteries a pretty tough time. I always discharge to 80% of capacity and then charge at 1C.

If your not as hard as me on the batteries and fly in a sport style then they will probably last a lot longer. Overall though a great value battery that is good value for money and performance.


Out in the field

As I’m off this week I have had a quick fly this afternoon. Put all my batteries through for the Protos and T-Rex 550 and had some great practice with the field all to myself. Flying TodayOn the T-Rex 550 I have had to turn the expo on the rudder channel up to 15% to make it the same as the aileron and elevator channels. I did this as I felt the rudder was being far to sensitive and moving around whilst I was learning my 3D.

One thing I did notice though was that my charger can only output 150W which @ 25v equates to a charge rate of 6A or 1.2c for the 5000mAh batteries I have. Ideally this should be more so when I have more money I will have to look at getting one with more oomph.

Bank Holiday Weekend

Just a quick update today. Been out flying as the weather and the wind has finally calmed down to allow such things. I have been out practising the aileron tic-tocs and I’m getting there. I had a good session on the simulator on Saturday and watched a few videos off the internet on how to do it. This helped but I need to work at it.  Still it’s like when I started learning the elevator tic-tocs and they were a bit random but now there much better.

After today’s flying I need to change the main gear on the 250 after a little crash, and the Mini-Titan has a horrible wobble in the head when in Idle-Up. Strange as I haven’t really flown it so I’m not sure where that has come from.

My squadron: T-Rex 550E, MSH Protos, Mini-Titan, T-Rex 250 3G

My squadron: T-Rex 550E, MSH Protos, Mini-Titan, T-Rex 250 3G

btw I  did go to the BMFA nationals at RAF Barkston Heath on Sunday but the weather was awful and there wasn’t much flying.  I saw some bits and pieces, F3C, pylon racing and some aerobatics but not any jets. It was a bit of a shame but at least I tried.


Went for a fly this evening, but really I should of headed home.  It was nice to get out with some friends and have a fly (and I didn’t crash), however I have had a very busy and chaotic week so far at work and I wasn’t quite as smooth as I could/should of been. It left me feeling a bit disappointed if I’m honest.

Still onward and upward, the weekend is coming and I might head off to the Nationals on Sunday if the weather is kind. Also the super hard TrueBlood head dampers have turned up for the 250. (See the T-Rex 250 Flybarless Conversion page for more info)

T-Rex 250 goes all 3G..

It’s happened.. T-Rex 250 Flybarless Conversion. Only a matter of time after the 550E findings.. Check it out by following this link or by selecting it from the page directory at the top right.


Doh! Can’t believe I forgot to mention this in my last post but on my 550 I have the same vibration in the tail fin that a lot of people have been having (see here) so I have changed my 550 tail fin with one from the T-Rex 600.

550 tail with 600 fin

550 tail with 600 fin

I also changed the tail supports to the 600 ones as they are stiffer, though you do have to take the horizontal fine off or the tail blades will clip it.

600 tail supports on 550E

600 tail supports on 550E

The current theory is that the 550 fin is quite thin and is resonating to the natural frequency of the heli. As the 600 fine is thicker it should resonate to a different frequency.

Saturday stuff

Quick update in this post.  Starting to get several flights under my belt with the 550 and beginning to love it.  I mean really love it.  Very quick, agile but very stable awesome! I suppose the only problem is that if you get it in a mess then things happen very quickly but hey… Did have an interesting moment where the battery connector started rubbing on the main gear on one flight which pretty much ruined it.  I was very lucky that it didn’t cut through it and cause a power loss and certain crash, just had to change the connectors in the field.

Started having more of a go at the aileron tic-tocs again and I think I know what I have to do now.  Was trying it yesterday and it wasn’t really working but after some advice from a friend at the club I know what I have to.  Note: the difference “what to do”.  So hopefully by repeating it very slowly I will train my brain in to how to do it. I can then speed it up to make it look good.