Turnigy nano-tech

Turnigy 2650mah

Turnigy 2650mah

Just ordered a new 6s 2650mAh battery for the Protos from HobbyKing (see here) for $51.99 (£35) delivered. The nano-tech series has just been released and claims 25c to 50c it will be interesting to see if what it behaves like.

I currently have 2 Turnigy batteries for the Protos (2450mAh and 2650mAh) and think they are great and good value for money.  They don’t get excessively hot whilst doing 3D and so far have balanced fine.

Will let you know when I get them in 10-14 days time…

  1. Update: The battery turned up promptly and they look very good, neat packaging, good size and a nice weight. First thing was to get charged up and balanced fine once this was done I put 5 cycles through it careful not to discharge it too much (50%-60%).

    Then I had a fly like I normally do and I have to say the nano-tech came back cooler than the standard Turnighy’s. To be fair to the standard ones are 3 months old but nevertheless the nano-tech’s are very good so far.

    Just wish they had more in stock so I can get some more for the Protos and the 550e.

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