Tamed and Under Control

Well, it’s been fun.  That’s all I will say.  After the last post where the circlip decided to leave mid-flight I spent the following week hunting down a suitable circlip.  I tried a 4mm one but it seemed loose.  However after squeezing it gently with some pliers the clip fitted better. So finally today I got chance to fly the whole fleet properly, the bank holiday weekend before was a complete loss due to weather and work commits but today has been hot, humid and nice.  I flew the Protos on 14t and it was better but still slightly manic, so a friend at the club recommend I turn the throttle curve down.  I therefore set it at 90% straight and gave it a fly.  Fabulous, still got some power but not super twitchy, perfect.  I think I may have found the sweet spot on this.

A quick update on the rest of the fleet though. The T-Rex-250 is flying fine gave it some proper hammer but then the wind came and it was grounded. The Mini-Titan now has a set of carbon blades on it

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