Mini Titan starts Car

Went up to the new club that I joined for a fly yesterday and the weather was pretty good, a bit windy but nothing to harsh to stop me flying. (Unlike today maybe) Anyway wanted to share an amusing story – having not taken my leisure battery up for battery charging I decided to use my car battery to charge up a couple of the Protos packs as I wanted to fly some more.

Brilliant idea until the charger warned me of “input volt err”, so hoping and behaving in true British fashion I thought the car would still start. It didn’t. Fortunately I carry jump leads in the car so I had a backup plan but not wanting to look like a idiot came up with an idea. My charger can charge lead-acid batteries so by connecting the charger up “backwards” and using my Mini-Titan (11.1v 2200mAh) batteries I charged my car battery up 🙂

So two top rules:

1) Don’t use your car battery to charge your heli batteries.
2) If you ignore 1 then make sure your charger can charge lead acid batteries.

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