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Out in the field

As I’m off this week I have had a quick fly this afternoon. Put all my batteries through for the Protos and T-Rex 550 and had some great practice with the field all to myself. Flying TodayOn the T-Rex 550 I have had to turn the expo on the rudder channel up to 15% to make it the same as the aileron and elevator channels. I did this as I felt the rudder was being far to sensitive and moving around whilst I was learning my 3D.

One thing I did notice though was that my charger can only output 150W which @ 25v equates to a charge rate of 6A or 1.2c for the 5000mAh batteries I have. Ideally this should be more so when I have more money I will have to look at getting one with more oomph.


T-Rex 550 Manuals

As the T-Rex 250 SE manual is a popular post on this site here is the T-Rex 550 flybar and flybarless manuals.

T-Rex 550 Build Update

I haven’t had much time of the last few days to much on the 550 but here is a photo of the build so far.

T-Rex 500 build photo #1

T-Rex 500 build photo #1

A picture says a thousand words so another 100 won’t hurt but as you can see I have built the frame up and slotted the head in. The 3G head comes pre-built and looks magnificent in the polished silver and black.   The skids go on early and it makes it easier to build and move around the bench.

Align does get some grief about the quality of its parts and so far I have to say this looks okay.

Next steps are fitting the servos and then the tail..

** New Addition to the Squadron! **

Well it took a along time and some deliberation but finally I brought a T-Rex 550E 3G.  Oh yes, I’m going flybarless! So why the 550E? Well I wanted to stay with electric as my flying time is limited I can just sling a battery in and go flying which is much easier.

T-Rex 550E 3G

T-Rex 550E 3G with Align 4600mAh 40c batteries

I was tempted by the Align T-Rex 600 but thought that the new technology was better and, to all intents and purposes, this will fly just the same.  It can swing up to 550mm blades so it’s a nice size.   Big enough to auto easily and “hang” in the sky but not too big to be imposing. I hope.

The eagle eyed will spot the two batteries beneath the box –  these are Align 4600mAh 40C batteries which I think will be an excellent size and provide me good flight duration.

As I build it up I will post more pictures and of course there will be 550 page in the squadron section to record all the settings.