First 90 size fly!!

Went flying today, even though it was quite breezy.  This meant I was flying the Protos all afternoon, and I have to say I am beginning to really enjoy flying it.  The recent pinion change as made it a lot more stable, and not so “manic” this means I still have the poise and precision with it but without it going mad all over the sky.  Also means lots of fun!

Whilst I was there a good friend offered his T-Rex 700 for me to have a go with.  Naturally I was very nervous as its £1,500 all up, but thought a few circuits should be okay.  Duly taking off I couldn’t believe how stable it was, I only intended to do circuits but just had to try it inverted.  So I did.  Again so stable – even in the wind.   I really wanted to have a go at it now, but landed it and asked if it was okay to tic-toc, it was.  So I took off again and gave it some (minor) welly.  awesome, tic-tocs beautifully, no need to use full stick and it just sits there.  Did some more inverted and horizontal powers, and it just took it up.  Very impressed..

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