Saturday stuff

Quick update in this post.  Starting to get several flights under my belt with the 550 and beginning to love it.  I mean really love it.  Very quick, agile but very stable awesome! I suppose the only problem is that if you get it in a mess then things happen very quickly but hey… Did have an interesting moment where the battery connector started rubbing on the main gear on one flight which pretty much ruined it.  I was very lucky that it didn’t cut through it and cause a power loss and certain crash, just had to change the connectors in the field.

Started having more of a go at the aileron tic-tocs again and I think I know what I have to do now.  Was trying it yesterday and it wasn’t really working but after some advice from a friend at the club I know what I have to.  Note: the difference “what to do”.  So hopefully by repeating it very slowly I will train my brain in to how to do it. I can then speed it up to make it look good.

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