Protos Tracking… SOLVED

Well after a mamoth amount of messing around I finally got the Protos working again yesterday.  Here is the run down:

  1. To sort the tracking out I was recommend to get new thrust bearings in the head as it was notchy and they had never been replaced.  I did this and it tracked fine 🙂
  2. At this point the tail wasn’t behaving properly and it took ages to spool up to speed.  I took the tail apart and discovered the belt was twisted inwards.  (Think of a loop and rolling it like a rolling pin not twisting).  This solved the spool up speed but the tail was quivering and then kicking 90 degrees at random.  Very unnerving.
  3. After some poking about in the wires it turns out that the rudder servo link that goes into the gyro cable was loose! Thus sometimes it was working sometimes it wasn’t.  Once I put this back together firmly all was okay! 🙂

All in all a bit of a nightmare but I got there eventually.  It’s now flying fine and I can get back to it now…

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