Hyperion Destiny for the T-Rex 250

After having some immense fun with the pocket sized T-Rex 250 I decided to upgrade/replace the motor with a Hyperion.  Technically the same as  a Scorpion motor (as they are now owned by Hyperion) I’m expecting the performance to be slightly better than the stock motor (3200 kv) as it’s a 3900 kv but I also think it will run cooler.   When I changed the motor in my Mini-Titan for a Scorpion it was significantly cooler.

Hyperion HS2206 as supplied

Hyperion HS2206 as supplied

Anyway this now brings me on to head speed and throttle curves.  I run a 16t pinion on the T-Rex which is not listed in the manual but gives me (in theory) a head speed of 5411 at 100% throttle curve (http://www.readyheli.com/headspeed-calculator.html) or 4329 if you believe a popular used spreadsheet.  As you can the differences are huge so I tried using these two calculators to match the figures given in the 250 manual. There was still huge differences, so if anyone knows a decent head speed calculator then let me know.  In the mean time the only conclusion is to try the 250 with a 90% throttle curve and see..

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