Hottest Day of the Year – so far…

Well I have been quiet for the last few weeks on here. This is mainly due to the fact that I have been busy in my working life.

Nevertheless I did eventually get the spare parts for the Protos and managed to build it back up again. Along the way I noticed several problems and had to buy new parts.  This was generally caused by all the flying that the Protos has taken over the last year. Still it was all fixed and ready for today’s flying!

Today was, I think, the hottest day of the year so far so I have spent all afternoon in the field with the 3 helis. Fortunately there were no crashes but they all came home with problems:

  • Protos – the new 14t pinion looks like it will be okay.  Still has a high head speed but I think it will be good.  However didn’t get time to really fly her as the cir-clip holding the pinion came.  Also a bolt had come out of the head that forms part of the flybar cage so the Protos was back in the car fairly early. I just have to find a cir-clip that fits now..
  • Mini-Titan – The glued undercarriage snapped again on the first landing of the day.  This didn’t really stop me but as I have had to resort to wooden blades they don’t really cut it.  Too much flex means I couldn’t get into my tic-tocs and various tricks. A bit disappointing but predictable.  I have just ordered some new Align 325 carbon blades so this should be sorted for net weekend.
  • T-Rex 250 – Well the work horse of the day.  Flew hard all day and worked flawlessly.  This was of course until the last flight where, some how, the bolt that secures the main gear to the main shaft came loose.  This meant that upon landing I could pull the main gear straight out.  I was very lucky this didn’t cause a crash.  I thought something was up as the collective was getting very spongy towards the end of the flight. Anyway this is now been fixed and the bolt secured with thread lock.

The other interesting issue of the day was that due to the high heat the batteries were all coming back red-hot. Not much I could do about this but worth noting for the future. Will keep the cool in the shade before use next time.

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