Brown times solution?

Okay, well what a weekend.  Lets start with the Mini-Titan and it’s electrical gremlins. I took the plunge on Friday night and brought a new ESC and Rx – £113.  As I use a Spectrum Dx7SE transmitter I brought the AR7600 High- Speed receiver. That way it would run at the high frame rate of 11ms. The logic being I could test to find out where my problems were.

So to work.. I changed the ESC for the new one and then started setting it up. After a while it did it’s reset thing again. This clearly means that it wasn’t the ESC and that means I now have a spare speed controller. Therefore the problem was with the receiver so I changed that for the new one and switched it on. Immediately the servos started twitching, which confused me further. I have a spare DX6i transmitter so I binded this with the new receiver and the servos stopped twitching. At this point I was ready to bin everything – so I went to bed.

Onto Saturday morning where I decided to take the transmitters and receiver back to the shop. Once I was there I showed them my problem  – on the Mini-Titan I had Hi-Tec analogue servos.

Spectrum AR-7600 on Mini-Titan

The new AR7600 fitted. Align 410M mounted alongside.

Due to the high frame rate when using a DX7SE and AR7600 receiver the analogue servos can’t keep up (news to me).    Therefore I either had to get a different receiver or upgrade the servos. I don’t need two receivers so instead I had to buy 3 Align 410M digital servos (£70). I went for the metal geared as there was a discount and they should stand up to more crashing.

In conclusion, I think I have solved the problems but until I have a test fly the jury remains out. On the positive side though I have a superb set-up for the Mini-Titan, all running at 11ms. I suppose after 2 years it was wearing out..

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