Power delivery..

Just been out for another gorgeous evening fly with the T-Rex 250 and thought I would post some comments about the batteries.  At the moment I have 3 batteries for it, an Align 35c, Outrage XP 25c and a Thunder Power 45c.

Brought with great expectation the Outrage doesn’t cut it, regardless of the low C rating it runs out of power far too quickly.  Pretty useless in a heli. 2/5.

The Thunder Power whilst having an awesome punch – in power and price (£27), one of the cells always gets drained too much, sometimes the one cell can be at 3.4v and the others at 3.6v, I don’t think this can be right.  3/5.

Finally this brings me to the Align 35C.  Middle of the road on potential performance, but balances fine, give me the punch for tic-tocs, and reasonable priced at £18. 4/5.

So which one would I buy another of?  My heart says go for the 45c – after all it’s a bigger number..  However the Align 35c has to be one £18 and solid performance so far.

(Oh and before anyone says anything I never take more than 80% out of the battery and charge at 1C.)

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