Tranquillity base

Lights nights are here and thus my first mid week fly of 2010.  Been a hard day at work and fancied a quick fly.  Picture below shows the field behind my house that is always quiet and has half decent views – if you like a bit of tranquillity, a nice place to be.

Tranquillity Base, T-Rex 250

The  250 has now been fixed since the weekend’s little bump.  Though I have to stay it was making a funny noise that seemed to go away when I pulled the belt real tight.  It sounded just like the canopy was rubbing on the main gear but it definitely isn’t.   I will see if I can get another flight in this week sort it out.

(By the way this is how heli’s are – you have them flying beautifully, you crash it and it takes you weeks to get it right.  Repeat.)

The good news of the evening flight was that I am getting better at moving it around inverted – did a half circle almost by accident.

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